Sunday Jul 28, STK.

Divine Dance Workshop with Ria Patel

Join me for a unique and deeply embodied yoga and dance workshop.

We begin with a yoga flow to warm up the body and gently reconnect with yourself. The body, mind and soul is open and ready to dance.
Learn the art of storytelling and expressions through one of the major classical dance forms from India, Kathak. Some of the movements and philosophy from yoga will be infused to explain the dance steps.

You will be learning a semi classical Indian dance that is beginner friendly.
Come discover your strength through grace and embrace your inner Goddess.

Feel free to bring something flowy to wear when we dance, encapsulating the grace of dance.

WHEN: Sunday, 28th July at 1-3pm
COST: GRY members $35 / Non-members $40

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  • Location

    St Kilda Studio

  • Facilitator

    Ria Patel

  • Date

    Sunday Jul 28

  • Time


  • Cost

    GRY Members - $35
    Non-Members - $40