About GRY

At Grass Roots Yoga, we aim to make yoga accessible to everyone regardless of age, level or mindset by offering a wide variety of classes.

Our core offering is in hot yoga with a mindful twist. We believe that the ‘yogic path’, is not limited to postures alone but the skilful integration of mindfulness – yes, even in hot yoga! Each of the classes stretches, strengthens and tones muscles whilst detoxifying the body and calming the mind.

Shannon Barry

A hot yogi at heart, it was a class he attended over 15 years ago that ignited his passion for yoga like nothing else had before. It wasn’t long before he was off on his first teacher training in Canada studying ‘mindful’ hot yoga with Moksha Yoga (now Modo Yoga).

After completing his first 500 hours of study, armed with fresh orders from his teachers to ‘spread peace to the Middle East’, he was soon teaching classes on his return to Doha, where the idea for Grass Roots Yoga was born.

Shannon has been the director of Grass Roots Yoga St Kilda as well as director of training for the Mindful Yoga Academy since 2012.