GRY 200hr Yoga Teaching Training

August - November, 2024

We're incredibly excited to launch the GRY 200hr Teacher Training in 2024! This is an opportunity to immerse yourself in an ancient practice to cultivate greater awareness, peace and a strong sense of your purpose in todays busy modern world. Scroll down to learn more and apply.

Core Teaching Modules

  • Techniques, Training & Practice

    An in-depth exploration of the history of Asana, from the ancient texts to the modern world. Students will learn four core sequences and how to adapt them, as well as creating their own individual sequences for Hatha & vinyasa classes. We will dive into the practice and study of Pranayama and meditation. This module will also explore the subtle body (chakras, koshas, kleshas, nadis) along with mantra, mudras, bandhas.

  • Anatomy & Physiology

    Through this interactive module students will gain an understanding of the respiratory, cardiovascular and endocrine systems, the biomechanics, skeletal system and gastrointestinal tract. Students will explore how the body moves, how to adapt the practice for injury and gain a deeper understanding of the anatomy of the asanas we teach.

  • Yoga Philosophy, History & Ethics

    Students will be introduced to the the key texts of yoga including the Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras and Hatha Yoga. Furthermore, students will gain an understanding of Pradipika, the vedas, the Upanishads, and dive into the history, lineages and styles of yoga allowing them to confidently weave philosophy into teaching.

  • Teaching Methodology

    This is module is centred around authenticity; Learning how to teach from ones own experiences, practice and using the art of storytelling to be empowered to find their unique voice as a teacher. We will dive deeper into sequencing to understanding pace, how to cue (using verbal instruction), key attributes of a yoga teacher and the art of hands on assists. This modules is rounded out to explore the “business” of yoga and ethics.

  • Practical Teaching

    This module is focused is on teaching and is facilitated over a 5-day intensive in the Otway Ranges. This culmination module, weaves all elements learnt so far into ones teaching practice. A key component of this module is dedicated to the importance of listening and giving/receiving feedback.


Brenton Alexander

Beginning yoga practise early in life – before even beginning kindergarten – has left an imprint of child-like fun and playfulness on Brenton’s yoga practice and teaching to this day.

Brenton’s light-hearted approach to yoga is serious in its intent to share the joy of yoga with all students.   A yogic chameleon, Brenton teaches a range of styles, from strong static sequences to fluid flows; meditative and gentle through to fast paced and action packed.

Brenton is a 500hrRYT. Having completed 200 hour Mindful Hot Yoga Teacher Training with Grass Roots Yoga in 2014 and 300 hour Advanced Teacher Training with his guru Les Leventhal in 2017.   Added studies include an 80 hour vinyasa flow teacher training in 2015 and 50 hour yin teacher training in 2018. He has studied under the guidance of many teachers, most recently workshops with Mahayogi Gokulacandra das (Jani Jaatinen) and Leslie Kaminoff.


Shelley Armstrong

Since first stepping onto a yoga mat as a young teenager, Shelley was instantly drawn to the magic of the practice and craved the deeper, subtle layers of yoga.

Shelley loves to weave the energetics of the practice through her teaching, using yoga both on and off the mat as a way to heal the physical and spiritual body.

Follow your intuition is a lifelong mantra for Shelley, which is what led her to train initially with UK school Yogahaven in 2009. From there on, being keen to continue learning and growing, Shelley then studied with various teachers in India before completing her Ashtanga training with Tattvaa Yogashala in Rishkikesh. She also holds qualifications in prenatal and children’s yoga, and loves sharing the practice with her young boys at home.

Alongside her yoga teaching, Shelley is passionate about all forms of energy healing and has spent several years studying with Cat Kabira. She has a deep respect for the roots of yoga, and is eternally grateful to her teachers and students alike.


Lauren Urquhart

Lauren is deeply inspired by the study of both yoga and ecopsychology, having learned that an important aspect of wellness and belonging is in creating a reciprocal relationship with the world we live in. She likes to study various schools of yogic and eastern teachings, to understand the roots of yoga and how yoga is applied in both a western and current setting.

Lauren as a facilitator of yoga likes to provide a safe, inclusive, non-hierarchical space for all participants.

Trained originally in the hatha/vinyasa style of yoga at Krishna Village, where she remained on site for several years to immerse herself in ashram living and the study of Bhaktivedanta. Her other yoga training include: Kundalini Yoga levels 1 and 2, Yin, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Meditation, and is a registered yoga teacher with 500 hours of teaching under her belt. She has taught and assisted on yoga teacher trainings and is currently studying a post graduate diploma of Ecotherapy/Psychology.

Dr Lara Stoll

Lara is a qualified Osteopath, Yoga Teacher and has completed a Bachelor Degree in Psychology. Lara graduated from Victoria University and has completed extra professional development in internal pelvic health assessments and treatment, women’s health, paediatrics, breath work and craniosacral techniques.

Lara’s yoga journey began nine years ago. She became instantly addicted to the
rush of euphoria and tranquility. Yoga brings out her true authentic self and is what she believes to have moulded the person she is today. After many years of practicing and falling in love with yoga, Lara completed her certified 200hr yoga teacher training in Bali with Zuna Yoga, so that she too could let others in on the magic. Lara is passionate about the bodies alignment, mindfulness and self-love. Through her education and knowledge in Psychology, Anatomy, Yoga/meditation and Goal Coaching, Lara takes you through a practice that connects the mind and body leaving you feeling full of life and open to the unknown.


$4,750 AUD

*Payment plans available

Grass Roots Yoga


Our 200hr Teacher Training will be cover five key learning modules taught across seven dedicated weekends and a 5-night intensive as detailed below.

Extra curricular practice will be required between these dates:

- August: 16, 17, 18 and 24, 25
- September: 6, 7, 8 and 14, 15 and 27, 28, 29
- October: 4, 5, 6
- 5 night intensive: 15-20 October (To be facilitated 2hrs from Melbourne in the Otway Ranges)
- November: 8, 9, 10

*100% in-person attendance is required to receive a certificate of attainment


Fill out the online form below along with attaching any other relevant training certificates or reference letters.

One your application has been received, we will be in touch within 2 business days to confirm your enrolment.

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