Friday Jul 5, MTON.

Sound Bath

Join us to unplug and reset at our sound bath and experience this ancient wellness practice. Doing it once will change your day, doing it more will change your life. So what is a sound bath exactly?

A sound bath is the easiest form of mediation because you don’t have to do anything. Just relax and let the sound do all the work. The sounds of Tibetan singing bowls and other healing instruments will flood the room. You will literally be bathed in sound. Tibetan bowls hold resonance, and as each one is played the tones pass into your body, quiet your mind, calm the nervous system and balance your energy. A sound bath can take you into a theta brainwave state of deep relaxation and healing, leaving you feeling totally zen and euphorically blissed out.

What to expect…

You lay under a cosy blanket with any props needed to make you comfortable. The soothing tones of the Tibetan bowls and other healing instruments will link with your brain waves and soothe both your mind and body leading you into a profound deep state of relaxation. Sound baths have been known to work wonders for stress relief, insomnia, anxiety, chronic pain PTSD and even depression.
You will literally feel the sound in your body.
Each sound bath experience will be unlike the last.
Participants often experience feeling more relaxed and better able to manage stress and anxiety and enhance mood states. A great option for those who struggle with meditation as sound provides an accessible way to disconnect. A gentle yet powerful experience for the mind and body.


Dates : July 5th / August 2nd / September 5th
Times  : 7.30 to 8.30 pm
Studio : GRY Mornington
Cost  : Early bird pricing $25 , Thereafter $30 (10 % discount applies for GRY Members)

Teacher Bio :Short description of your teaching background and experience with this discipline. Sharon Raine runs regular sound baths throughout the Mornington Peninsula in addition to offering private sound massage. She is a mother of 4 and also runs group and private yoga sessions for kids and teens in yin yoga and yoga therapy. Her work includes working with children with special needs and youth mental health issues. Sharon is a Certified Crystal, Reiki and Sound Healer and often includes these modalities within her work in addition to her offerings of sound baths and private healing sessions.

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  • Location

    Mornington Studio

  • Facilitator

    Sharon Raine

  • Date

    Friday Jul 5

  • Time


  • Cost

    $30 (10 % discount applies for GRY Members)