Friday Apr 19, STK.

Cat Kabira Fri April 19 | Biodynamic Yin & Vision Quest

Join Cat Kabira in her signature Biodynamic Yin (a blend of biodynamic craniosacral therapy, shamanic healing and Cat’s magic – which is all part of the Kabira School of Energy) and Vision Quest.

This is your opportunity to return home to yourself, feel deeper currents within you, and clarify what is needed. You’ll leave the class feeling both grounded and lighter.
This workshop is open to new and experienced yoga practitioners who want to experience deeper states of relaxation as well as connect to the world of subtle energy.

Deeply inspiring for teachers who want to experience a refreshing take on both yin and yoga nidra and anyone who wants to be in a space where they feel held and supported.

What we’ll cover: Learn how to achieve a deeper state of relaxation so that you can drop into a conscious dreaming state and access your healing power, inner truth, and magical parts of yourself.

Participants will experience:

· How to drop into the theta state and access it while you’re still awake

· Ways to sense and understand your subtle energy

· Yin poses taught in the context of biodynamic craniosacral therapy

· How to ground more in your body and how this will help you release old pain, trauma and stored trauma

· The power of the imagination and how this is essential in both transforming past pain as well as moving forward towards what you truly want

· A profound healing practice of Cat’s signature Vision Quest which is a practice of yoga nidra meets shamanism and “choose your own adventure.” Have fun!

What to bring: a notebook, open mind and wear cozy clothes for your yin and journey practice.

WHEN: Friday 19th April – 6.30pm – 8.00pm

COST: GRY Members – $65 // Non-members – $70

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  • Location

    St Kilda Studio

  • Facilitator

    Cat Kabira

  • Date

    Friday Apr 19

  • Time

    6.30pm - 8pm

  • Cost

    GRY Members - $65 // Non-members - $70