Thursday Mar 21, MTON.

Supporting Holistic Health with Nutrition

This workshop will focus on the importance and role of Nutrition in support of our mental and physical health. Addressing the connection of Nutrition and yoga, students will gain an understanding of simplified anatomy and the connection of the gut brain axis, and how this supports healthy mind & mood regulation.


Learn about how stress and anxiety presents physiologically in our bodies, the signs and symptomology of adrenal fatigue, the focus being on the role of nutrition to support healing in conjunction with regular yoga practice; a truly holistic approach. We’ll also discuss the importance of when and why to eat certain foods, what foods to avoid when suffering adrenal fatigue, foods to eat in abundance and plant based recipes provided to participants.


Walk away equipped with insight to the significance of a wholefood based diet, how you can make small incremental changes that support positive habit formation and enjoy some plant based snacks and recipe ideas.


You are also invited to complete a confidential health questionnaire with the intention of a FREE 30 min consultation to discuss Nutrition and explore how I can assist you with your holistic health goals.


Gain knowledge of how to support mental and physical health through eating well, how stress manifests in our bodies and how to self-heal naturally through a whole-foods based diet.


Date: Thursday 21st March, 7.15-8.45pm

Location: GRY MTON

Cost: FREE for GRY Members, $20 non-members


Teacher Bio:

Amanda is a certified Nutrition & Mindfulness coach. She is passionate about guiding her clients to improve their health holistically; Mind, Body and Soul connection. Amanda does this through Nature Hikes, Nutrition Coaching, Workshops & Overnight Adventures that inspire and empower women to push past their own perceived boundaries. She hopes to elevate more people to reconnect with Nature to find balance in our modern world.


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  • Location

    Mornington Studio

  • Facilitator

    Amanda Connell

  • Date

    Thursday Mar 21

  • Time


  • Cost

    FREE for GRY Members / $20 for Non Members