Thursday Aug 22, MTON.

Spinal Health

Please join  us for an interactive workshop on Spinal health ,learning to listen to your body and  how it relates your yoga practice  . Our facilitator, Dr Hayley Maginnessis a local business owner  and Chiropractor at Mt Eliza Chiropractic Care , as well as a dedicated GRY member, who will share her knowledge with the GRY community .

In this 45 min session we will cover how your nervous system works and how it influences your overall health, learning about how posture has a direct influence on your stress response in your body, and ways that you can activate your vagus nerve (the connector of the sympathetic and parasympathetic system).

Together we will explore correct posture habits, the importance of correct posture, ways to switch the stress response off in the body and the importance of natural  health care.

Light Refreshments will be provided

This is a member free event for our GRY community or  $10 pp for nonmembers.

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  • Location

    Mornington Studio

  • Facilitator

    GRY's Awesome Teaching Crew

  • Date

    Thursday Aug 22

  • Time

    7.15pm - 8pm

  • Cost

    Member free event / $10.00 pp non members