Saturday Sep 1, STK.

Seasonal Saturday - SPRING

A Yin/Yang Journey for the Seasonal Yogi!

A series of immersions delivered around the change of each season, designed to help you stop, ground, centre, connect with and feel as an integral part of the ever changing world around you.

These 2hr sessions are perfect for those who would like to explore in more detail both the yin and yang aspects of a balanced Yoga practice, as they relate to the changing seasons.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Spring is the season of the Wood Element and a perfect time to reflect on the importance of both stability (yin) and flexibility (yang) in our quest for harmony of the body, breath & mind.

This workshop will explore specific Yoga practices inspired by the energetic ‘personalities’ of TCM’s Liver (yin) & Gallbladder (yang) meridians (energetic pathways), tracing their journey through the specific areas of the body to which they each relate.

(Re)establishing a connection to your inner world (yin), as a reflection of the world around you (yang), through a seasonally appropriate fusion of āsana (posture), prānāyāma (breath), mudrā (symbolic gesture), and mantra (sound) delivered in both yin and yang styles.


Erika Newberryis a Yoga Australia Level 2 Registered Teacher and has been offering classes since 2011. Erika is passionate about teaching yin yoga and loves the influence of meridian theory and mindfulness. Not only does she incorporate these principles in her own life, but these also shine through in the way in which she facilitates classes. Erika is also a certified yoga therapist and is a trauma sensitive yoga facilitator.

Christopher Potteris a Yoga Australia Level 2 Registered Teacher, offering classes in the St Kilda area since 2011, infusing the seasonal aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine into a traditional, breath-based Hatha Yoga practise. Favouring a ‘less is more’, holistic and therapeutic approach to Yoga, Chris is passionate about introducing students to the varied and diverse suite of practises that can be included in one’s daily Yoga practise.

Date: Saturday 1st September 2018
Time: 11:00AM – 01:00PM (2 hours)
Studio: St Kilda
Cost: $45 per person


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  • Location

    St Kilda Studio

  • Facilitator

    Erika Newberry & Chris Potter

  • Date

    Saturday Sep 1

  • Time

    11am - 1pm

  • Cost

    $45 non members / 10% discount for GRY Members upon booking