Sunday Feb 10, MTON.

Roll & Release

About the workshop:

Experience the magic of roll & release yoga during this full body roll out to reach in and release even the most uptight muscles and beyond. Using Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls, yoga blocks, and self-massage infused with yoga this two hour workshop will help you to explore your body in what could possibly be the best massage of your life!

Designed to decrease pain, fix posture problems, and enhance performance, roll & release yoga uses myofascial release techniques to gently massage those often forgotten areas of your body. Discover ways to reach tightness and target trigger points, helping to ease tension and release points of stuck connective tissue (known as fascia), stuck energy, and create more freedom to move. Whether you find yourself needing more movement in your life, spend your days hunched sitting at a desk, or are an athlete who uses your body a lot, this class will be beneficial to helping your body stay mobile and pain-free.

This practice is simple, effective and open to everyone – no yoga experience or flexibility required! Balls provided.
Teacher Bio:

Megan is an ocean dweller, mountain explorer, adventure seeker, and yoga lover living with a simple philosophy – movement is medicine. A yogi for over 12 years, and a teacher for 5, she teaches yoga in way that helps students to move through life more freely, both in body and mind. Her aim is to provide a space where students can bring greater strength, flexibility and balance to their bodies, quiet their rambling minds, and leave class feeling amazing. Megan is excited to share with others the Roll & Release practice that has transformed her own active and injured body in ways that yoga alone could not.


Date: Sunday 10th Feb, 6pm – 8pm

Location: GRY MTON

Cost: $50 (10% GRY Member Discount)

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  • Location

    Mornington Studio

  • Facilitator

    Megan Killorn

  • Date

    Sunday Feb 10

  • Time

    6.00pm - 8.00pm

  • Cost

    $50 (10% GRY Member Discount)