Saturday Jun 1, MTON.

Moving With The Seasons: Winter

Bring in the season with our Peaceful Practice and Deep Intention Setting Workshop

This two hour workshop will consist of yin yoga, a guided meditation and sound bath, followed by setting intentions to support and prepare you for the Winter period of inward re-flection.

Winter is a time of stillness, and calls us to look into our depths, to reconnect to our inner being, and to befriend the darkness within and around us. In winter nature seems to be at rest, and in this rest replenishes itself. Allow your yin re-serves to be re-established within you during this nourishing practice of yin yoga, a guided meditation and sound bath and intention setting. All levels of experience welcome.


In yin yoga, holding floor poses for several minutes on the mat we challenge the deep tissues of the body, as well as the chattering mind, to surrender to our natural state of peace.

Take this opportunity to connect in with your own energy and take stock of the year you have had so far. A time to reflect and nourish ourselves from our experiences and access our inner world which is most accessible during this time of year. Be guided through a supportive meditation to help take you through this process and then experience a 30 minute sound bath where you will be literally bathed in sound, allowing your mind to slow down and link with the sound waves of tibetan bowls and other healing instruments to further support sur-render and rebalancing.

From this deep state of peace and calm we will then focus on setting personal intentions to support and nourish your mind, body and spirit for the coming season.


Date: Saturday 1st June, 3-5pm

Studio: GRY Mornington

Cost:$50 Early Bird (ends 1/5), $60 thereafter (GRY Members 10% discount)


Teacher Bio:

Sharon Raine teaches a range of classes and is trained in yin yoga, yoga therapy, reiki, sound and crystal healing. She teaches regular kids and teen yoga classes, as well as regular workshops for adults, kids and teens. She also offers private one on one healing sessions.

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  • Location

    Mornington Studio

  • Facilitator

    Sharon Raine

  • Date

    Saturday Jun 1

  • Time


  • Cost

    $50 Early Bird (ends 1/5), $60 thereafter (GRY Members 10% discount)