Sunday Sep 30, STK.

Massoga II Massage Yoga Blindfolded: Journey of Appreciation

Massoga© Massage Yoga is a deeply immersive Yin yoga practice with massage and adjustment from qualified therapists, complete with essential oils, curated sounds and inspired readings.

Throughout this session you will experience what it is like to be without sight. You have the opportunity to heighten your senses in this blindfolded Massoga Massage Yoga immersion. You will feel your senses of touch, smell, sound and spatial awareness heightening through this experience.

The Massoga team will lead you blindfolded to your mat, and be there to support you pose by pose. You will hear from Steph our blind massage therapist about her life experiences without sight, and will have the opportunity to dive deeper into your personal practice from a new perspective. Students will receive branded eye masks and a take home gift.

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  • Location

    St Kilda Studio

  • Facilitator

    Alex Maxwell

  • Date

    Sunday Sep 30

  • Time


  • Cost

    $74 (non members) 10% discount for GRY Members