Saturday Aug 3, MTON.

Massage Yoga by Massoga

Join us to experience the combined benefits of massage and yin yoga in a 2 hour workshop that will leave you feeling totally rejuvenated.

Massoga Massage Yoga is a unique and magical practice to help you reach a deeper level of connection, relaxation and release. It is a fully immersive experience with essential oils, music, yoga props, and intelligent sequencing designed to give you deeper awareness of your body and mind, all combined with intuitive touch.

What to expect:
Your teacher will guide you through a Yin Yoga practice, while yoga adjustors and massage therapists provide expert hands on adjustment and massage. This creates the perfect setting for deep release and relaxation. The experience is all encompassing.

How will I feel afterwards?
Most people are deeply relaxed, sleepy and feel open and flexible after the session. You are working deep into the soft tissue of the body in this practice, you may be achy the next day, and sometimes it can cause you to feel emotional, nauseous or dizzy during or directly after a session, so it’s a good idea to have time to rest afterwards.

What do I bring?
Bring a towel and some water, and wear long sleeve top and yoga pants are ideal. If you get cold easily also bring layers and warm socks.

It’s best to be well rested and hydrated prior to the session, and to not eat a heavy meal within 2 hours of the session.

Location: GRY MTON
Date: Sat  3rd August  2019, 3-5pm
Cost: $75 (10% GRY Member Discount)

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  • Location

    Mornington Studio

  • Facilitator

    Alex Maxwell

  • Date

    Saturday Aug 3

  • Time


  • Cost

    $75 (10% GRY Member Discount)