Saturday Jul 27, STK.

Living Mindfully - An Introduction to Mindfulness in Everyday Life

Distracted, information overloaded, always-on, exhausted, stressed… Sound familiar?!


Research shows 47% of people spend their waking hours thinking about something else vs. what they’re currently doing. With multi-tasking no longer being a gift, more like a given, and our monkey minds in the driver seat – it’s no wonder we feel like we’re doing more than ever, but getting nowhere.


Mindfulness helps us to get out of living life on autopilot, regulate stress and helps us to live a more meaningful and connected life as we get to know ourselves a little better. So why not join Aisling for this informative and engaging introductory workshop?


Walk away knowing:

  • What it means to be living on ‘autopilot’
  • Why Mindfulness? Why now?
  • How we practice it
  • Mindfulness tools to incorporate into your everyday
  • Participants will also take part in formal group Mindfulness Meditation practice as we explore it’s benefits in a community setting.


Date: Sat 27th July, 1-2.30pm

Location: GRY STK

Cost: EarlyBird $45 (Available until 6th July), thereafter $55 (10% GRY Member discount)

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  • Location

    St Kilda Studio

  • Facilitator

    Aisling Quigley

  • Date

    Saturday Jul 27

  • Time

    1.00pm - 2.30pm

  • Cost

    EarlyBird $45 (Available until 6th July), thereafter $55 (10% GRY Member discount)