Friday Jul 19, MTON.

HerStory July Goddess Circle

We welcome you to gather with us as we sit in Circle and journey together along a path of self-discovery each month by unravelling ancient wisdom, incorporating ritual and healing, and experiencing the medicine that comes from sharing our stories.

The Goddess Circle sets the intention of women coming together, to hold sacred space, to learn from each other, to witness, to grow consciously and spiritually. An opportunity to form a strong feminine community, rooted in compassion and hope where we express ourselves authentically in a judgement free environment. It is a safe and gentle space for women of all ages and backgrounds to come together and share.

In our July Goddess Circle we will be honouring and working with the Goddess Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of fire and volcanoes.

Having just returned from the Hawaiian islands and visiting the Goddess herself, immersing myself in her lava fields, I wish to share the messages I have been guided to share with you.

Pele is here to remind us that our anger is scared. She is here to teach us that our wrath is the molten lava that erupts from the pit of our volcanic belly to transform and transmute what is no longer in alignment with our truth.
We will explore the effects suppressed and unprocessed anger can have on our mind, body and soul.

As women we are encouraged not to get angry…but Goddess Pele is here to show, denying this most natural and primal emotion is akin to attempting to extinguish a volcano…it will either die inside of you, killing a primal and vital part of your feminine nature, or when you least expect, it will erupt full force and destroy everything around it. And while this destruction may seem chaotic and ruthless, it is also transformative and regenerative.

I will take you on mediation journey to inspire you to unleash your wrath. As Pele guides us into our own inner volcano, we need not be afraid of the lava that has been yearning to explode.
The evening will also include some traditional  Hawaiian music and in sharing Circle we will be working with Hawaiian Mana (power) cards, exploring Hawaiian spirituality and cultural wisdom.

Bookings will close the day prior, on the 18/7/19.

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  • Location

    Mornington Studio

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  • Date

    Friday Jul 19

  • Time

    6.30pm - 9.30pm

  • Cost

    $45.00 pp ( 10% discount for GRY members )