Saturday Jun 22, STK.

Here Comes the Sun Salutations

The Winter Solstice marks the passing of the longest night of the year and as the days begin to lengthen, we honour the life-giving rays of the sun with the classic sun salutation series. 108 is a number rich with symbolism in yoga, ayurveda and sacred geometry.

Flowing breath by breath through the sequence of 12 movements that compromise Surya Namaskar again and again, you’ll use all the muscles, stretch those limbs, get a full cardiovascular workout and experience many and various thoughts, feelings, and sensations.

It’s a journey! The repetition of simple movements is available to yogis of all levels of practise.

The only question is: are you up for it?

You will learn about dedication, endurance, willingness, and how you can accept new levels of awareness and physical capabilities. To be part of a group undertaking this series is to feel the energy and power of the human spirit. This sequence is challenging and rewarding. So rewarding – oh my, the afterglow!!

There’s no way to describe the feeling upon completion of the great 108. Both energised and exhausted, cleaned out and filled up, exuberant and at peace, this traditional yogic devotion is something every yogi should experience for themselves.

Date: Saturday 22nd June, 11am-1pm
Location: GRY STK
Cost: $30 Early Bird (ends 8th June) / $40 Full Price (10% discount for GRY

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  • Location

    St Kilda Studio

  • Facilitator

    Brenton Alexander

  • Date

    Saturday Jun 22

  • Time


  • Cost

    $30 Early Bird (ends 8th June) $40 Full Price (10% discount for GRY