Saturday Mar 9, STK.

Heads Down, Feet Up

This workshop is a fear-busting, soul/sole raising session to learn how to move safely into headstand, and for those who have an established headstand practice, some fun and challenging variations and transitions into and out of this wonderful pose.


We’ll begin with a mindful meditation and intention setting, followed by a smooth flow identifying and strengthening the muscle groups and poses necessary to prepare for headstand.


The class will carefully work through the steps toward and into headstand, and for those who can access the pose, there are leg and arm variations aplenty to add challenge and open new headstand horizons.


Learn the breakdown of this pose, how to enter and exit safely and smoothly and experience the benefits of Sirsasana – Queen of Asanas.


Come to this workshop to find new strengths, burst through fear barriers and arm yourself with a new way to see the world. The lovely rush of blood to the head will bring its own benefits too, as will a new appreciation for the body’s ability to adapt and learn.


Date: Saturday, 9th March 1-3pm

Location: GRY STK

Cost: $40 (10% discount for GRY Members)

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  • Location

    St Kilda Studio

  • Facilitator

    Brenton Alexander

  • Date

    Saturday Mar 9

  • Time

    1pm - 3pm

  • Cost

    $40 (10% GRY Member Discount)