Saturday Jun 9, STK.

Essential Oils for Health & Happiness

What really are Essential Oils?  And why they’re so incredibly healing and nourishing for our bodies, minds, and souls?
Learn how to use them to support physical health and
to invoke mood and support our emotional needs.

For example we will cover the oils to use when you have a headache, are having trouble sleeping or feeling stressed out.

As well as what to use for your skin, how to support your metabolism, energy and vitality, keep a healthy and clean home, alleviate allergies, and use in cooking.

Raw treats will be served on the day – made with essential oils of course.

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  • Location

    St Kilda Studio

  • Facilitator

    Alex Maxwell and Ariana Pienaar

  • Date

    Saturday Jun 9

  • Time

    11am - 1pm

  • Cost