Saturday Nov 24, STK.

Seasonal Saturdays - SUMMER

The third in a series of immersions delivered around the change of each season, designed to help you ground, connect and feel as an integral part of the ever-changing world around you as you explore both the yin and yang aspects of a balanced Yoga practice, relating to the changing seasons.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Summer is the season of the Fire Element and relates to the full level of activity, light and expansion (yang) present at this warmest time of the year. The subtlety / nuanced nature of the Fire Element is exemplified by it being the only element relating to FOUR energy systems and related ‘personalities’ & (meridian) pathways: the Heart (yin) & Small Intestine (yang) + the Heart Protector (yin) & Triple Warmer (yang) meridians (energetic pathways) – this workshop will explore their journey through the specific areas of the body to which they each relate.

At the centre of Summer’s Fire Element is the heart, in eastern philosophies considered the seat of the mind, consciousness and our ability to seamlessly interface our awareness between both our inner and outer worlds.

(Re)establishing a connection to your inner world (yin), as a reflection of the world around you (yang), through a seasonally appropriate fusion of āsana (posture), prāṇāyāma (breath), mudrā (symbolic gesture), and mantra (sound) delivered in both yin and yang styles.

Location: GRY STK

Date: Saturday 24th November, 11am-1pm

Cost: $45 (10% discount GRY Members)

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  • Location

    St Kilda Studio

  • Facilitator

    Erika Newberry & Chris Potter

  • Date

    Saturday Nov 24

  • Time

    11.00am - 1.00pm

  • Cost

    $45 (10% discount GRY Members)